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4 Responses

  1. Lourdes says:

    You guys are indeed having unforgettable unfolded adventures! Happy that you are able now to continue enjoying your cycling tour! Take care!

  2. Bob Rogers says:

    We’ve toured 43,00O miles and ruined only one tire (tyre), and you can find 26″ anywhere. Five continents, three times in Asia. Don’t buy light tires. Buy cheap heavy tires with lots of rubber.Chen Shing is our favorite brand. We have been considering Broomptoms until your “special” issues. We have been able to fix our tandem anywhere with tools we carry (8 peed). We do have a hassle building up the tandem at destination (three months tours are our norm; last one Ledak and S India), but find the novelty of the tandem makes up for it. You’ve saved us lots of money. Thanks.

    • Dmitry says:

      Well, looks like we’re well ahead of you on the tyre-ruining front, Bob! We just have some catching up to do on mileage. Working on it…

      Glad we could save you some hard-earned cash :). We find the trade-offs with the Bromptons worth it. The freedom to be able to slide the bike under a train seat or into a tuk-tuk at a moment’s notice is really important to us!

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