Climbing Hills on a Brompton & Knowing When to Quit

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3 Responses

  1. Hi, we own two Bromptons too and you can have 12 speeds if you install a Shlumpf Drive:
    In the mountains, this woulde be perfect.
    Ronald van Delft
    P,.S. And a bit jealous… I still need my job :-)

  2. Werner says:

    OK, LOTS of respect, having lived in India for 6 years and knowing the area around Munnar a bit (though I was based in Delhi) and riding a S6R Brompton in Europe I can imagine what it was like to ride there in the wet season. Hat off to you, tuktuk or not (BTW, in good tradition the driver ripped you off with the 250 INR ride even though they’re more expensive in Kerala).

    I’ll be reading on during lunch break today!

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