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Tempelhof, Berlin – November 2012.


Dmitry is a professional photographer whose photos have been featured in Outside Magazine, Momentum Magazine, the Wall Street Journal (and, once, on a Wheaties Box).  His passion for photography and bikes led to his acclaimed #BikeNYC project and to the photos used on our blog.

Mila left her job in New York in 2014, where she was a litigator at an international firm. Although her legal skills don’t translate as directly to blog content, she does do most of the drafting here.

We met at UC Berkeley in 2003 and moved to Cairo shortly after we started dating in 2005.  Living in Egypt for a year was a daily challenge and adventure that showed us how much we loved discovering new places together, and we continued to travel frequently after moving to New York in 2006.  A few years later, while Mila was in law school, we lived for a semester in Amsterdam, where we both realized how much we love riding bikes together.  After nearly 10 years together, we are combining these two loves – travel and bikes – on a new adventure.

We have been pinching our pennies and, when Mila left her job in 2014, we sold a lot of our furniture and left our Brooklyn apartment behind to begin traveling.

Although we have traveled a lot together, and ridden bikes a lot together, we had never done classic bike touring until we got to Thailand in November 2014.  Thus, we’ve been learning as we go along.  We haven’t camped during our travels in SE Asia and India (guest houses are too well-priced) but we do carry all our luggage on our bikes and ride in between destinations when the distances aren’t too far.  Otherwise, we take advantage of the portability of the Bromptons to travel by train, bus, ferry, plane, tuk tuk, and taxi.

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  1. Reishimas says:

    Hello guys, beautiful and informative blog. My question:- did the Bromptons ever gave you much trouble while touring?…..and if so what are they and how much spares do you each need to carry? more than a question but thank you.

    • Dmitry says:

      Thanks Reishimas! Overall the Bromptons stood up VERY well to what we put them through. We carried 1 spare chain tensioner, just in case. Also carried some replacement spokes, just in case – didn’t need to use them. LOTS of spare tubes, of course. We carried 2 spare tires total, then we had 2 massive blowouts in a row and had to change tires, and suddenly had no spares. Unfortunately this was in southern India where it’s near impossible to get Brompton-sized tires. So we waited for 8 days for a shipment of tires to arrive from a shop in the US, and after that we carried 4 spare tires just to be extra safe. Of course after that we cycled for months without any more tire trouble – but better safe than sorry.

      In our experience the Bromptons performed very very well, especially given some of the horrible roads we put them on. Of course some of it comes down to luck – I’ve seen people break Brompton folding pedals, all kinds of things can happen, but the little bikes can be put through a lot. Good luck!

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